Pearl Combo


With a simple set of useful controls, a single master volume, and 50 or 100 watts of clean headroom, the Pearl Combo is an incredibly versatile amplifier designed to lay a rich tonal foundation for every type of guitarist. We are now offering the 5th version of the Pearl. This latest version has upgraded capacitors and resistors along with a substantial circuit design update. If you have heard any other the older Pearl amps wait until you hear this version. Version 5 offers more volume, better tone, a cleaner effects loop along with updates aesthetics. Whether it’s being used at bedroom volumes or on a large stage, the Pearl excels in every setting. Musicians using effect pedals to achieve an overdriven tone will be amazed at how the Pearl’s clean, all-tube hand wired circuit can bring new life to the drive pedals in their rig. Musicians using time-based or modulation effects will also find that the Pearl’s tube powered effects loop creates a great platform for effects they prefer to keep completely clean.

We recommend the WGS ET-65 for use with the 50 watt Pearl and the WGS ET-90 for use with the 100 watt Pearl. If you are interested in other options or are unsure of which speaker would be best for you, please contact us with details about your setup and playing style so we can recommend the speaker that would best suit your needs.

New for 2019 is the option to have a smaller and lighter Pearl combo. This “mini” Pearl is made from solid pine and also features the lightweight Jensen Jet Tornado neodymium speaker. The smaller and lighter enclosure paired with the Jensen speaker provides substantial weight reduction for players who need a amp with a smaller footprint that won’t hurt your back.

The Port City Pearl features:

  • Interactive Treble, Middle, and Bass controls
  • Bright Switch for High-end Frequency Tone Shaping
  • High and low Inputs
  • TAD matched 6L6 (x2 in 50W, x4 in 100W)
  • JJ ECC83 – Preamp
  • JJ ECC81 – Effects Loop
  • JJ ECC83 – Phase Inverter
  • JJ GZ34 Rectifier (100 Watt is rectified with silicon diodes)
  • USA Heyboer Transformers
  • Tube Buffered Effects Loop
  • External speaker jack
  • 50 Watts Output
  • 2 / 4 / 8 Ohm Impedance Switch  (4, 8, and 16 ohm on 100 Watt version)
  • Weight: 47 lbs (50W) – 54 lbs (100w)
  • 24″W // 22″H // 9.25″D Standard size
  • 23″W // 19″H // 10″D Mini size

The Pearl combo ships with a Mercury Magnetics SD power cord.

The Pearl owners manual can be found here.

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  • 120 / 240 voltage switch


Slide "Thanks so very much for responding. I spent some time with the amp… beautiful …beautiful sounding amp. I thought I had some great cleans on some other amps... which can now not ever be considered as great cleans to me anymore! Good work!"

- Craig M.
Slide "Hey Daniel, just thought I might let you know that I've been loving the amp so far. Your workmanship is truly incredible and you make spectacular equipment. Your amps look as beautiful they sound. Cheers."

- Dom. F.
Slide "I'm sure you hear this all the time but I can hardly believe how absolutely incredible this thing sounds!!! It is so articulate and responsive. This is what I have always wanted an amp to sound like. Takes all my dirt and fuzz and weird lo-fi effects so well and never loses focus or becomes muddy. I don't know how you did it, but this amp is damn near perfection and worth every penny. I love the gold light to match the gold on the amp by the way. Thanks again for all the conversations and for making such a great product."

- Reuben H.
Slide "I spent some time with the amp… beautiful …beautiful sounding amp. Great tone in a super clean, straight forward package. Picked up my first 2x12 Wave cab in early 2015. The WGS Vet 30’s sounds great covering everything from jazz to contemporary Christian to hard rock, blues and my usual genre, jazz fusion. My second cab, a baffled Wave 2x12/10housing one Vet 30 and one 10” Jensen Jet Tornado is crystal clear on clean tones and heavy gain alike. Very happy with all of my Port City products, thanks for making great tone so easy."

- Ben W.
Slide "I have owned my Pearl and OS Wave cabinet for 6 months now. It is like playing in hi-fidelity. It lets you hear how your guitars and pedals actually sound!"

- Blair F.