The Story

Daniel Klein founded Port City Amplifiers with an urgent intention: to draw the best possible tone out of a guitar rig. That relentless quest informs his design approach, and motivates him to improve, constantly.

After years of playing guitar professionally – which included touring, teaching and writing music – studying electronics, working for a large amplifier parts supplier and brief stint in finance, Daniel built his very first amplifier, a Bassman AB165 clone, and never looked back. Daniel recognized the need for innovation in the boutique amplifier industry, which gave rise to his creation of the original 1X12 Wave cabinet, a totally unique design which was approved for a provisional patent soon after.

Daniel lives in outside of Asheville, NC with his wife, 11-year-old son, and their dogs Lilo and Snickers along with a pig named George. . When he is not working at Port City, he is focused on his martial arts practice and volunteering in the community.

Community Service

We care deeply about all members of our community. We dedicate a portion of each sale to feed Ashville’s needy. And each Sunday at 9am, we join a group to feed the hungry in Pritchard Park. If you’re able, please join us one weekend! We’d love to join forces to ensure that everyone feels heard.

Environmental Stewardship

We are dedicated to minimizing waste and reducing our impact on our natural resources. Not only do we carefully recycle everything possible in our shop, but we mindfully source the most ecologically sound materials available, including sustainably sourced woods and environmentally friendly glues. We believe that respecting our earth is just as important as respecting the intentions of the artists we serve. In the end, it’s all about promoting harmony.

Workforce Investment

At Port City Amplifiers, we pay all of our employees a living wage, because they care a ton, do great work and deserve fair compensation. Every person here works hard to ensure that our products are the very best, and it only makes sense that we should invest in them as they invest in ensuring your music sounds its very best.