Heartcore – Kurt Rosenwinkel Signature Amp


The collaboration between Kurt and Port City goes back over 10 years.  Kurt used a Port City Pearl head exclusively on his 2012 album “Star of Jupiter.” Later, we had the pleasure of working with Kurt on a custom amp, spending several days in NYC with him tweaking the Pearl circuit until everything it was perfect. Now, in 2024 Kurt and Port City have teamed up to bring you the Heartcore 50.

This amazingly versatile dual channel combo amp combines the purity of the Port City Pearl circuit (with the custom tweaks from Kurt’s custom amp from 2013) along with a rich, warm and textured gain channel.

Each channel has a simple set of controls. The clean channel offers a single master volume, treble, middle and bass controls with a bright switch.  The gain channel also has an independent treble, middle and bass controls along with a volume and dual gain controls. One for gain and the other for distortion. These work together to craft a unique, highly musical overdrive. Whether it’s being used at bedroom volumes or on a large stage, the Heartcore 50 excels in every setting.

“Working with Daniel and the crew at Port City to design a modern amp suited to my needs is really exciting. The best of both worlds. Killer clean tones with a second channel to nail the lead and crunch tones. This amp will be as flexible sonically as can be. The whole package, no shortcuts. Any fan of mine will be floored by the Heartcore 50.” – Kurt Rosenwinkel

The Port City Heartcore 50 features:

  • Black Lacquered Tweed, Gold Logo and Piping with Your Choice of Three Different Grillcloth Options
  • Interactive Treble, Middle, and Bass controls on Both Channels
  • Bright Switch for High-end Frequency Tone Shaping on the Clean Channel
  • Dual Gain and Distortion Controls on the Drive Channel
  • TAD Matched 6L6’s
  • JJ ECC83 x 3 / ECC81 x 1 – Preamp Tubes
  • USA Hammond Transformers
  • Effects Loop
  • External Speaker Jack
  • 50 Watts Output
  • 4 / 8 / 16 Ohm Impedance Switch
  • WGS ET-65 Speaker – 8 ohm (Combo version)
  • Weight: 43 lbs
  • 24″W // 22″H // 9.25″D – Combo
  • 20″W // 10.5″H // 8.25″D – Head

We are limiting the first run of Heartcore 50 combo amps to 10.

These will be numbered and come with a certificate signed by Kurt.

These will ship late December of 2023. You can secure yours by ordering today!

Shipping costs will be collected prior to shipping.