Grandville (Rhett Shull signature amp)


In less than 48 hours all 10 amps sold out! There is already a wait list for the first run in 2023. If you would like to get your name on that list please email

Let us know if you would want the head, head and cab or combo. You will be contacted the first week of Jan. 2023 to see if you are still interested and if so how to proceed. Thank you!!!

To say that all of us at Port City Amps are happy to be working with Rhett would be a great understatement. Since Rhett bought his first professional amp from us over a decade ago we have seen Rhett grow in his talent and reach. Now a internationally sought after guitar player along with being one of the top social media guitarists, Rhett’s name is synonymous with great playing and terrific tone.

Roughly 3 years ago we floated the idea to Rhett about a signature amp. He said he would think about it. It was only when Rhett played an early 50’s Gibson amp earlier this year during a session that he reached out to get the ball rolling. That amp was the inspiration and starting point for the prototype amp. After 9 months of work we created what would eventually become a completely unique amp. An amp that delivered the quality of tone, features and aesthetic that Rhett demanded. 

With a simple set of interactive treble and bass controls with a single volume knob players are able to sculpt a wide array of tones. The Grandville using all octal preamp tubes provides a lush, warm yet unique tone. Using premium components each Grandville is hand made outside of Asheville, NC. Whether it’s being used at bedroom volumes or on stage the Grandville is more than capable of delivering great tone. Guitarists that use effect pedals to achieve an overdriven tone will be amazed at how the Grandville brings the best out from their pedals. 

During the development of the amp we tried a number of different speakers and in the end found the combination of the 10” Jensen Jet Tornado and 12” WGS G12-CS to be the perfect pair. (Wired for 16 ohms)

Available in head and combo varieties. Due to limited time between the release and the end of the year there will only be 10 of these available in 2022. We will have a sign up sheet for the 2023 run once the initial 10 are sold.) 

As a special bonus all of the first 10 amps will hand numbered and signed by Rhett.

 The Port City Grandville features:

  •         Volume, Treble and Bass controls
  •         Foot switchable tremolo (Switch on front panel as well.)
  •         Fast and slow tremolo switch (On Front Panel) 
  •         TAD matched 6L6’s
  •         6SJ7 – Preamp (2) 6SL7 – Tremolo
  •         6SL7 – Phase Inverter
  •         5U4GB – Rectifier         
  •         USA made Hammond Transformers (Power, chokes (2) and output transformers.)
  •         External speaker jack
  •         50 Watts Output
  •          4 / 8 / 16 Ohm Impedance Switch 
  •         Head Dimensions 20” W // 8.5″ D // 9.875″ T
  •          Combo Dimensions 21” W // 9″ D // 23″ T
  •          Export voltages available (120v is standard.)
  •          Black lacquered tweed, gold logo and piping with black / tan / gold grill cloth
  •          Footswitch included

Grandville head $2499

Grandville Combo $2899

Custom 2×10/12 Wave cab $845

For those purchasing the head there is a matching 2×10/12 Wave cab available. (Loaded with the 10” Jensen Jet Tornado and 12” WGS G12-CS speakers.) 

All amps and cabs will ship before the end of the year with the first completed late November. 

(Shipping costs will be calculated at time of shipment.)

For all international order inquiries please email

Limit 1 amp per customer.

A portion of each sale will be donated to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.  We love our furry friends and want to help them out!

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 14 × 20 in