1X12 OS Wave Cabinet


Our patented Port City Wave Cabinets are a fundamentally different approach to the speaker cabinet. Rather than creating a rectangular box, adding speakers, and hoping for the best, we developed our Wave cabinets to physically interact with the speakers in a more musical way. Inside of every Port City Wave cabinet, there are 45-degree sound deflecting panels along the top and bottom of the back panel. These panels allow the back waves from the speakers to reflect out of the angled port along the width of the front of the cabinet and up to the player. This simple yet effective design yields very noticeable results, with a more balanced tone that doesn’t attenuate or boost any frequencies. This allows every note your speaker produces to be heard as it should be. These cabinets are used by professionals for everything from jazz to metal to country and perform exceptionally in all environments.

Port City Wave Cabinets can match most larger cabinets in terms of volume and depth. When you dig into a bend or a chord, you will hear and feel the difference these cabinets make. Great tone is vital for great musicians and we are sure you’ll love your Wave Cabinet once you hear what you’ve been missing. Sonically speaking, this OS (oversized) version has more low-mids and less compression than our standard size Wave Cabinet.

If you are unsure about which speakers would be best for you, please contact us with details about your setup and playing style so we can recommend the speakers that would best suit your needs.

All Port City cabinets are constructed with 13-ply void-free marine grade Baltic Birch and come loaded with a proprietary Kimber internal wiring harness and a Switchcraft jack.

We recommend using the Kimber speaker cable with your Wave cabinet.

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I have a 1×12 OS cab that I ordered 2 years ago, and it sounds absolutely massive. It sounds better than other cabs I’ve tried that are twice the size, and its super compact.

– Connor S.

The cabinet I purchased has performed flawlessly. It is hands down the absolute best cabinet I’ve ever had the pleasure to play through.

Thanks! – Brian G.

The 212 is wild, it’s super loud! Had it for about two years. It’s great for doing leads and clean tones in my situation, although the rhythm patches are super pronounced when ran thru it. Sounds great when playing with another guitar, really separates your sound from the other that’s going on in the same room.

Love it, definitely never getting rid of it! Thanks Daniel for making the best cabs! – Andy T.

We’ve used every cabinet Daniel has created and continue to use them live and in the studio. It’s a pleasure to not only be great friends with such a brilliant guy but also be able to have top tier gear behind us. The vertical 2x12os cabs are my ideal setup. It is hands down the absolute best cabinet I’ve ever had the pleasure to play through.

Dustie Waring – Between the Buried and Me

I have been the proud owner of a Port City OS 1×12 for about 6 years now, and it’s been my one and only cab for all of that time and has seen many, many function and wedding band gigs. It’s portable, well thought-out (that’s the RIGHT place for a carry handle), tough and sounds incredible with a wide sound stage and great bottom end. I’ve never felt the need for anything bigger. There’s been 4 amps, 2 speakers, and an unhealthy number of guitars through the rig in that time, but only 1 speaker cab. A superb product. Thanks. – Pete W.

My 2x12OS Wave cab has great attention to detail. It is very portable and manageable for one person. Plus it sounds massive and gives a 4×12 a run for its money. Great customer service too. – Kevin B.

I purchased my Wave cab new in December 2016. Any other cab sounds plain wrong now. Being a player of many different genres, using a digital amp was deemed to be best fit for my needs. Speaker cabinets quickly showed their limitations in diversity; open back cabs did not have the tight bass response that is required for heavier styles, while closed back cabs projected too directionally with the digital gear (not to mention the nasty, boxy, nasally sound that they have). The Wave cabs provided the perfect solution without compromising anything – bass response is tight as can be and it is possible to hear yourself anywhere. Coupled with the unparalleled customer service, Port City make the only cabs I will ever consider buying.

– Joe F

I purchased a 2×12 cab last year and I can honestly say that it is the best sounding cabinet that I have played on. Too often, we overlook the importance of a good cabinet in this day and age and the Port City 2×12 became an integral in my sound might even say ,it has become the “Soul” of my sound ! The attention to detail is quite stunning and the overall sonic qualities is breathtaking…While recording my band first full length, we did some A/B with other Cabinets and the Port City was always the better option so we ended up recording all of the rhythm and lead using this cabinet.

Best wishes, Renaud P.

I picked up the cabinet today at FedEx and just opened the box.  Well, I am extremely impressed with the quality of the work.  The way the Tolex is applied, the beautiful maple frame, and the hardware are all just exquisite.  I’ll get it up and running this weekend.  The Quilter amp seems visually perfect for the cabinet as I would not want a head to compete with it, unless of course it was complemented by one of your heads.  Perhaps that will be another year.

My thanks to all involved in the making of this beautiful piece of musical equipment.  Be assured, the house in which it sits is of the same quality.

Sincerely, Tim

There is no doubt your cabinets are the best. #1 EQ of the cabinet, very balanced, #2 player projection, so few companies consider this very principal and you nailed it, #3 Craftsmanship, perfect, tell the guys in the shop they deserve a raise. #4 Materials, very good, Thanks for the marine grade ply. Being I have played thru almost everything, I think you’re on to something.

Sincerely, Scott Larson

You fine folks of Port City are a class above! It arrived in time for practice before my gig tonight. The cabinet arrived perfectly without any rattle and is PERFECT and sounds unbelievably huge!! I don’t know how to thank you enough for what you guys have done for me, I won’t forget this, the OS 2×12 wave cab is next. Deepest gratitude.

Leo G.

I’ve finally had some play time on the Wave cab you shipped. It is beautiful. It sounds clearer than I imagined a cabinet could sound; how that’s possible to clear up all those notes and make every one of them articulate is a mystery I won’t begin to understand. If I play through my old cab, trying to differentiate notes in a “G”chord for example, isn’t so clean and precise. Switching to your cab and you can hear each individual string and note in the chord – Even with a high gain lead channel. Hope you have a good weekend! Thanks again for everything.

– Darren B.

I wanted to touch base and let you know how totally pleased I am with the 2×12 cab.  The expansive sound it produces is nothing short of amazing.  I set the cab next to my 4×12 loaded with Fane speakers to compare and was blown away by the Port City.

Thanks. – Robert G.

I just wanted to say “thank you”, I got your 2×12 cabinet and I love it, not only does it sound full and great it’s well constructed and beautiful. Very satisfied with the sound. Thanks again!

– Greg D

I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful cabinets as well as helping me figure out what speakers to use. The cabinets and speakers sound incredible, they look beautiful, and they have been serving me well! They work incredibly well with the amp head and the guitars I use. They are truly awesome! I am proud to use them! I feel very lucky to have found Port City amps. I love being able to get customized music equipment and it’s really cool to have a pair of custom made cabinets that were so affordable. Thank you again and I hope you are doing well!

Landon R.

The Port City 2X12 OS Wave Cab you made me at the end of 2012 is still the best sounding cabinet on the market. The fullness and bottom-end is unparalleled.

– Ian S.

I have owned my vertical OS Wave cab for almost 3 years. It is sleek, lightweight, and amazingly loud for its size. Love it!

-Ed C.

I have a 2×12 that I’ve owned for about 3 years now. It is by far the best cabinet I have ever owned. It sounds almost as big as a 4×12. It has so much depth to it. I put Jensen speakers in it and I could not be happier. I plan on adding another one in the near future.

-Chris B.

I just wanted to follow after getting to play a few gigs with this to say thank you! Not only is this cab absolutely stunning but it sounds incredible! Nothing but compliments on my tone with this.

Now I’ve just got to convince my guitarist to take the plunge and order one too! Again, thank you for your hard work and craftsmanship.

-Danielle V.

I have had my 2×12 OS Wave Cabinet for 3 years! I sold my Bogner 4×12 for this! The OS Wave projects unprecedented sonic clarity regardless of which amp head I use with it. Brilliantly designed and way easier to carry around, as a matter of fact, it fits in the trunk of my civic! The search for an impressionable, compact, gigging cab ends with Port City Amplification.

-Roberto P.

My 2x12OS Wave cab has Cloud cracking low end response & crisp cut cleans as fine as a scotch and cigar scene.

– Donovan R.

I’ve had my 2×12 OS Wave cabinet for a few years and it’s the best cabinet on the market. Don’t even bother looking at another brand. Port City is the real deal. 

– David G.