Justus West

Pearl 50 watt head
1x12OS Wave cabinet

You can check him out here.

Here is a interview we had with Justus…..enjoy!

You just turned 20 is that right?

Yes! I turned 20 on November 4th.

What first brought you to the guitar?

Watching my mom play and write! Fell in love with guitar shortly after.

How did you gain such a command of the instrument at such a young age?

Just lots of practice. Getting to know the instrument.

Current gear setup?

My main guitar is a PRS 408, through my pedal board, to my Port City Pearl and 1x12OS Wave cab.

Favorite piece of gear currently?

This new pedal I just ordered by Chase Bliss Audio called the Thermae.

What do you do in your spare time when not touring/recording/performing?

Right now I feel like i’m doing music 24/7. Currently looking for a hobby… haha.

Who were some of your early influences? Current influences?

Early influences were John Mayer, Chic Corea, Tosin Abasi, Pino Palladino, Jairus Mozee, Charlie Bereal. Just a bunch of different guys across the board. I studied multiple instruments at the same time as well studying song composition and song writing. I always wanted to understand the full scape of music. Currently my influences really are the same. While adding a few new names like Owane, Bill Evans, Horace Bray, and a few other Instagram monster guitar players.

Does pineapple go on pizza?

No fruits belong on pizza. Lol.

What is some advice could you offer to aspiring musicians?

Advice to younger musicians is be prepared, humble, prepared, and prepared. Study the material. Study tones. Also, just be good to everyone. You never know who people are.

What artists are you currently working with?

I have been working with Alicia Keys. Co – Producing part of her next album.

How do you prepare for a tour?

Normally preparing for a tour is studying the material before rehearsals start then rehearsing with the artist everyday for a few weeks before the run starts.

Thank you for your time!